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We design favicons and company logos for individuals and business clients. We can develop and provide contents for English web sites, web pages for mobile devices, English web-based advertising campaigns and we have domain names for lease and development.

:: English Proofreading and Editing Services
We proofread English web sites, documents and other communication materials for business clients in Hong Kong.
English Web Services
Proofreading and Editing Services

English Web Site / Mobile Web Development

Having an English web presence for your company is important. Does your business currently have an English web site?

We develop English web sites and provide English web contents for companies. We can "Mobile web-enable" your current site in English. Presently, more people are using mobile phones and PDAs to view web pages. Therefore your business site must be capable of displaying properly on mobile devices.

- get more customers locally and internationally
- reach out to those who make buying decisions based on searches in English
- project better company image
- make it possible for customers who shop from their mobile devices to see your web site properly (through fast loading time and message optimized for small screens)

Our company also provides English proofreading service for businesses. If you already have a Chinese web site, it is time to have the English version developed! Perhaps you might want a second opinion regarding the "correctness" of your English web site or marketing materials - we provide such services for a very reasonable fee. Enquiries are welcomed.

English Proofreading

Accurate communication matters. Every business and organization reaches out to its prospective clients or prospects through communication. Written communications such as advertising messages, memorandums, letters, web pages, instruction manuals need to be accurate for many reasons. Many technical and business persons are not writers and English may not be their language.

For a reasonable fee, we will help review your communication materials for grammatical, typo and spelling errors. In Hong Kong, English is not the language many people are proficient in and embarrassing errors abound in many forms of written communication in the English language.

Benefits (well-written communication material):
- promotes good company image
- promotes trust in customers
- shows that care is taken to present facts accurately
- is better understood by prospective clients
- helps in promoting buying decisions

If you CARE to present accurate written information in English that is fluent and error free, please contact us for proofreading.

Favicon Design and Other Services

Having a web presence is a MUST for today's businesses. Every company, business or shop needs a web site, a web address, and an email address. A web site is needed to disseminate information, communicate with clients and showcase products and services. In its most basic form, an effective web site with a good domain name and a matching email address is essential.

For more effective marketing purposes, a web site needs good branding, a favicon, be optimized for search engines and needs some form of publicity. For more information, please visit our Custom Favicon Ordering. We have designed favicons for different companies.

"Mobile Web Enabled"
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Why you need a Web site!
Your prospective customers may be interested in getting to know your business better before using your service. Your business will do better image wise with a web site and a good email address. Put those information on your business card, brochures and other marketing material.


For payment options, we accept company cheques (if from Hong Kong) or credit card payment through PayPal.
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